Wills Milk - Service terms.

Delivery Service Terms and Conditions


  • You will receive up to 2 deliveries per week. Delivery days will be confirmed prior to you signing up to receive regular deliveries.
  • Any regular deliveries can be paused or cancelled at any point by contacting us via telephone or email. Any expected deliveries that did not arrive will not be charged to your account.
  • Any personal details given to Wills Milk for the set up of your account will never be shared with any 3rd Parties.
  • By signing up to having deliveries made on a regular basis you are agreeing for Wills Milk to be able to contact you via Email, Phone & Post should we be required to.  
  • Invoices will be emailed to you at the end/start of each month for the previous months deliveries. You will then have until the start of the next month to have paid this in full.
  • Failure to pay your invoices will result in deliveries being stopped. You will have the option to make full payment over a period of time discussed and agreed with the owner of Wills Milk Mat Wills only. Failure to complete all agreed payments will result in legal action to pursue any outstanding balance.

For any queries regarding these delivery terms and conditions statement, please email Wills Milk at info@willsmilk.co.uk.

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