Fresh Yorkshire dairy products, delivered to your school / nursery doorstep.

Fresh milk delivery to your school / nursery

School / nursery milk delivery

School / Nursery Milk Delivery

During periods of rapid growth, your child’s nutrient needs will be high. Cow’s milk is a nutrient-dense food and an excellent source of nutrients a child needs to support their overall development.

Cow’s milk is a good source of B vitamins including vitamin B12, which supports red blood cells and B2 which helps convert food into energy. Whole milk and other dairy foods supply the macronutrients (protein, fat and carbohydrates), whilst also being a source of important minerals like calcium and phosphorus – these help children build strong bones and teeth.

The fat in whole milk provides important calories for young children. This is vital because youngsters don’t have the capacity to consume large quantities of food but need nutrient-packed options to meet their needs.

Full-fat dairy has other benefits – it supplies vitamin A. This fat-soluble vitamin promotes growth and helps the body build strong mucous membranes, which is essential to help fight infections. Vitamin A is also needed for healthy skin and eyes.

Wills Milk can supply portioned snack size drinks (1/3 of a pint) - which is great for kids.

Milk for teachers and staff too:

We can also make sure teachers & staff are fuelled with plenty of fresh milk for their tea & coffee, plus any dairy products they may require.

Contact us today and have milk delivered to your school / nursery door, before the school day begins. Easy!

Less plastic

All our milk and juices come in glass bottles, which we collect, wash and re-use.

Our eggs are delivered in cardboard egg boxes.

Any packaging that isn't reusable is plastic free, recyclable or home-compostable.

Wills Milk - helping to reduce plastic waste wherever possible.

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